These changes in the body will tell you whether you are depressed or not.


According to a recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO), India is the sixth country with depression worldwide. An estimated 5.6 million people in India suffer from depression and 3.8 million people with anxiety disorders. To help identify depression early on, scientists have now developed a technique that, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), can determine whether or not you are depressed by your voice.


Science researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada have improved technology to detect depression through voice cues. The study, conducted by Mashurora Tasneem and Professor Eleni Strolia, builds on past research that suggests what our mood is when speaking.

Using standard benchmark data sets, Tasnim and Stroulia developed a method using some machine learning (ML) algorithms to help more precisely identify depression using acoustic signals. People have to use an app that collects voice samples that speak naturally.

Strolia said the application running on the user’s phone will identify and track indicators of moods such as depression over time. Depression indicators based on your voice can be obtained when you use the phone as you have a step counter on your phone WHO has ranked depression as the largest contributor to global disability. It is also a major contributor to suicide.


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