Modern Indian women’s stylish saree look with designer blouse


The true beauty of a woman is reflected in the saree. This talk is universal. But for the past few times, pre-draped sarees have become trendy as women find it difficult to wear sarees. The specialty of this saree is that you can easily wear it without any hassle. But not just with a blouse, you can wear it with a shirt, a kurta, a jacket or a coat. Assadi has made a comeback in feral and stylish looks. And it’s hard to attach.

For women who find it difficult to wear a saree and find it easy to wear pants, a modern collection of pre-draped sarees is ready in the market. Recently, Sonam Kapoor, Tapasi Pannu and Deepika Padukone were spotted in the same pre-draped saree.

The soft yellow and blue color saree was shown with a tapasti spaghetti shirt and she also wore a brown belt to match the mix, which is why she wore four cents in her fashion despite being dressed in a good cotton garment. Along with this she wore earrings and strappy heels which looked more beautiful.

You can get the look of a kurta shirt by wearing a saree. You can also opt for a sheer kurta. You can also wear a sari on a sari and you can wear a sari on a cropped top.

If you want something new and different, you can also put a button on your shoulders and put a button on your shoulders. You can get a pretty unique look too.

But now it is also fashionable to wear a belt near the waist. You can also get a nails look by wearing a belt with a saree in a sleeveless blouse.

So who’s to wait today to equip your wardrobe with a new collection of pre-draped sarees.


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