Learn the benefits of swimming


Depression (depression) is one of the most difficult to deal with mental health problems. It can take a long time for people to get out of it. Depression suffers from a lot of mental distress. No one clearly understands what’s going on in a person’s mind when in depression. People often go to physicians and seek anti-depressants to treat depression. However, each treatment takes a long time.

Swimming is an effective exercise, which helps relieve depression easily. Swimming in cold water provides relief to the brain and improves blood circulation in the brain. So let’s find out how swimming helps relieve depression.

Activates the brain : Cold water activates brain cells and alerts your brain. Swimming raises the brain and the brain. This makes beta-endorphin more active, causing the brain to start functioning.

Reduces anxiety : Swimming helps reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases when the body is under stress. Swimming stimulates the body and transmits blood to the brain as well as to all organs, thereby reducing stress. After an hour you will feel more comfortable.

Helps regulate body stress : Swimming in cold water helps in activating the hormones of the body. It raises your blood pressure and increases physical strength. Causing stress and sweat to get out of your body. Therefore, swim in cold water for at least an hour.

How to swim : Keep in mind, you should know about swimming and you are trained for it. Do not try to swim in the deep water. Proceed slowly with shallow water. Try to swim in cold water. The temperature should not exceed 20 ° C.


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