Do you also suffer from increased abdominal fat, reduce abdominal fat with these 10 remedies


If there is a short sedentary life and the eating is not controlled then the weight increases exponentially. At this time it becomes very important to take off the increased fat or else the fat freezes and your body grows. You may have noticed that some people are not so thick with the body. Simply their stomach comes out, meaning that the lower abdomen is outward compared to the rest of the body. In fact, most people today suffer from such a problem. You can then change your routine to keep yourself fit. This way you can lower the stomach. But if you really want to make the stomach flat, there are some special remedies for that. Adoption that will make your belly smooth and your look good.

1. Take deep sleep

If your bedtime and waking hours are erratic you need to pay close attention to them. It does not affect your body and your mind due to not taking it. Your daily routine gets worse. And you eat anything that hurts your stomach in a hurry.

2. Make daily crunches

Crunch exercises help the stomach get inside faster. In this exercise, you will lie down straight and then lift your head up slightly, placing your two hands below the head. And then bend both legs to the knees and then straighten. The more often you do this exercise, the lower your fat and abdominal muscles will be.

3. Do not consume oil fat and sugar

You should minimize oil intake and sugar intake in your diet. These things are not easy to digest, especially at night. Which causes the stomach to fall out.

4. Fasting one day a week

If you are very fond of eating and have trouble with your habits then you should fast at least once a week. You can also stay on fluids one day a week if you want. Prioritize things like water, lemonade, milk, juice, soup, etc. You can have salads or flashers one day if you want. In which you eat only the moment or salad. Eating salads will help you lose weight.

5. Yoga is required

To reduce waist and abdomen, you should get up in the morning and do yoga regularly. You should include some postures to help reduce belly and waist. Even if yoga keeps you healthy, all the actions of Surya Namaskar, Sarvangasan, Bhujangasan, Vajrasan, Padmasan, Shalabhasan etc. should also be done.

6. Don’t eat too much at once

Many people eat twice a day. Due to which they eat more than hunger. Which is harmful to them. You can eat something in between instead of eating too much at once. Drink some water all day long. You should not abstain from water or drink excess water. You should drink some water all day long.

7. Keep the nutrition balanced

If you are eating a lot of junk food or you like to eat fried foods, then you should avoid such meals. Instead of ordinary flour, you can mix chickpea flour and make a loaf of bread which will also help you to trim.

8. Green tea will also help

If you are fond of drinking tea and want to lose weight fast then drink green tea, lemon tea or black tea rich with regular antioxidants instead of drinking milk tea. Actually drinking milk tea increases your chances of developing obesity.

9. Walk in the morning and evening

You should take a few minutes each morning to get rid of the fat around your waist and abdomen and even after walking at night. This will help you burn extra calories and reduce belly fat.

10. Eat raw garlic

In the morning, eat two slices of raw garlic. It is beneficial for the body to eat lettuce and then drink lemon water. This will make the weight loss process twice as fast. This procedure is very good if you want to lose more weight in less time.


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