Make this home remedy for breathing and asthma illness


So nowadays, in this time of increasing pollution, many people who are living in cities are having difficulty breathing. And if you use these alopathy expensive medicines for these serious illnesses of asthma and asthma, if you use indigenous Indian songs in this home remedies, you get rid of many diseases in one month or these shortness of breath.

The respiratory and asthma illnesses are either an inheritance to you or are caused by this pollution. And most of all, the doctors of these alopathy give you a pump or even a pill to take it orally. And these drugs are also expensive and it is very easy and inexpensive to use desi cows ghee in addition to the damage to your kidneys in your body.

Benefit from homemade ghee cure

You should use indigenous Indian cow’s ghee made from curds and you will be completely cured of all the diseases of this asthma. And all these organs and muscles you use for this breathing in your body are connected to the navel. And if you apply this ghee 3 times a day on the navel or fill it, you will have many breathing problems within a month.

Apart from this, ghee of indigenous cows is an ingredient. And this sattva, a nectar made from this pulse called a sunflower of this cow, which you mix in the milk of this cow and then it becomes a dilution. And if you have whey made from this milk with yogurt and salmon, then one ingredient is to survive and since it is this ghee, the process of breathing will be okay.

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