Why It’s Best to Stay in A Joint Family


In today’s metro city the single family is growing, but even today the joint family is considered the best. The number of people living alone in Western countries is increasing very much and this is the reason why most of the illnesses occur within this country. India has the largest number of joint families within the country, and relative to single families, these combined families can lead to happier lives, and happier lives.

However, due to today’s changing thinking, couple chooses to separate from his parents after marriage. This is a house-to-house story today. However, couples face many problems when separated from their family. If you think of something like this after marriage, first understand the benefits of living in a joint family.

People living in a single family face more stress. While people within a joint family are happier living. Being in the same family together, people are forever happy and healthy. This is because people here suffer from each other’s grief so that they can be relieved of stress, and be happier.

One of the disadvantages of living apart from family is that all work has to be done alone. Sharing of work does not take place when work is shared in a joint family. As everyone is working together, the burden is shared and all work easily.

A child who is raised in a joint family is quite different from a child raised in a divided family. A child raised in a joint family has a ritual of sharing. Adjustments can also be made when the child in a divided family is more likely to be stubborn, stubborn and selfish. In a joint family, a child learns to help his siblings in adversity from an early age. Another benefit of the joint family is that the child grows up well between grandparents. Another benefit is that in the absence of parents, the child is saved. The baby’s tension does not last. The baby does not have to be handed over to any parent.


Another benefit of the joint family is that the child learns to share happiness and help each other to become better-off. If a person in a joint family gets into trouble, the entire family stands up for their support. All of these events have a good effect on a child’s psyche and he or she learns to be helpful.

Fighting may take place in every household, but the opportunity to have fun and enjoy family together in a joint family is not shared by the individual. Especially when there is a festival, the way family members gently celebrate it. Which is fun and fun.

Today is a time when seven out of ten families have working couples. Both are required to leave the house and stay outside for 7 to 8 hours. At this time the couple has to worry about theft in the house while on the other hand the child has to be placed in a day care center. All these questions have no place in the Joint Family.

If you live in a joint family, no need for outside food. If the wife is out in the joint family, then mom, aunt, someone is at home. In this case, home hygienic food is always available. In this way, the benefits of living in a joint family are greater.

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