Extensive information about roti is the most common cause of overweight and constipation


Wheat is the leading cause of constipation. Do you all wonder how the wheat can be constipated? So let us tell you about it. Thus, wheat is an important crop of our country, but wheat is not the grain of our country. Yes, although wheat is grown in India, it is not a crop of India.

Whenever the Green Revolution took place, the government imported wheat from outside the government to declare our country as poor. In our country large grains like maize, millet, sorghum, rice were growing but wheat did not grow.

How Does Wheat Constipate?

Experience the quality of the wheat yourself through a simple experiment. Take a few wheat seeds and chew them in the mouth. When the seeds are fully chewed, a portion like chewing gum will remain in the mouth. The fiber contained in the wheat will go into the body, but the chicks will remain as part of the chewing gum. Only 6-7 grains contains such a portion. If you eat 4-5 chapatti, how much does it increase? Gluten is the part of these chewing gum that grows.

The gluten, which is in it, gets accumulated in one place in the body, thus causing constipation. Therefore, you should use large grains of food ie rice, millet, sorghum, maize. Instead of using wheat for only 6 months, there is a big difference between obesity and constipation if other large grains are taken.

Helpful Tips:

Do not drink too much water immediately after meals. Take more water only after half an hour or an hour after meals.

And sitting on the ground as long as possible.

Meal me as well as quiet food. You should not eat while watching TV or use your mobile phone.

Follow these few tips so you can keep your body healthy.


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