The Acne remedy for blackening white hair


No one likes white hair. Ironically, white hair is also an illness. Once the hair starts to turn white it starts to get more white day by day. If we are a little attentive to the protection of the hair, it can bring in natural beauty and strength. The life of the runaway, due to poor hair care and pollution also causes the hair to turn white. Dyeing or coloring hair is not the only problem. White hair can be blackened with certain home remedies. So adopt this remedy that will help keep your hair black.

Everything you need to make your hair black can be found easily in everyone’s kitchen. Your house will be a tea ground. It contains tannic acid which helps to make your hair black in just a few minutes.

• For this you need to cook 6 tablespoons tea powder for 30 minutes. Then soak it and now apply this water in the hair after cooling. You can also mix coffee in it if you wish.

Tea straw proves very helpful for blackening white hair. Although it does its job slowly, this method is completely natural and it naturally darkens the white hair that is in your head and gives it a different natural shine. You may be surprised at the silky sheen of the hair itself.

• Cool the apple leaves by boiling it properly. Fill it in a spray bottle and rub it in the hair. After 25 minutes shampoo thoroughly wash the hair. Applying it twice a week will make your white hair black.

• Massaging the head with pure desi ghee twice a week will make the hair plump and black.

• Onion juice is an acne cure for blackening the hair. So you can get rid of the problem with white hair. Applying onion juice to the hair can make white hair black.


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