How to handle increased weight due to irregular periods?


Menstruation, that is, is not a problem for women during the period, but is a natural process, through which the body’s blood is released. But, if the period becomes irregular, it certainly becomes a problem. Not only urine pain due to cycle of bad period, but also face breast pain, stomach, hand and foot and back pain, excess fatigue, constipation and diarrhea. Apart from this, the cause of irregular periods is a problem in women and it is the increased weight, which is very difficult to reduce.

Why is it important to periodically arrive?
Usually, women have a period of 21 days. Not having a one-time period is not a serious problem, but if that problem does occur frequently, you should get a doctor’s checkup because it can cause many serious problems in addition to obesity.

If you too are gaining weight due to irregular periods, you can reduce it by making some changes in diet and lifestyle. So, let me tell you some easy ways to reduce the weight gain due to irregular periods.

Decreasing carbohydrates
The direct effect of carbohydrate diets has on insulin. If the carbohydrate is high in the diet, it will not be able to convert it into energy, which will increase weight instead of decrease. Therefore, avoid eating milk, bread, potatoes, soda and sweets.

Eating high fiber
To reduce weight gain due to irregular periods, eat more fiber in your diet. It easily turns sugar into energy, which helps in weight loss. Therefore, take bananas, oranges, apples, beans etc. in the diet. This will reduce your weight loss as well as your irregular periods.

Eating Protein
Due to protein, your blood sugar is controlled and your stomach is full. Plus, it won’t make you want to eat junk food. For protein, you should include eggs, milk, meat, sea food in the diet.

Healthy Fats
Fat does not always cause loss. Here, there are also good fats, which help with weight control. In addition, it also provides energy and controls hunger. Therefore, you can eat almonds, olive oil, dark chocolate for healthy fats.

Do Weight Training
Exercise is most important to reduce the weight gain due to this. This is why you should include cardio, weight training, etc. in your daily routine. Plus, you can also control your weight through yoga.

So, using all of these remedies, you can adjust the cycle of your irregular periods and also eliminate the problem of your increased weight.


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