Be careful when applying liquid lipstick


Liquid lipstick is not like normal lipstick. There are different ways to apply it on the lips. Which enhances your beauty. But if you make the slightest mistake in applying it, it will ruin your face.

• Allow some time when applying liquid lipstick

Liquid lipstick should not be hurried like normal lipstick. Give some time to apply this lipstick. Because if you rush this lipstick, it will stick around your lips and ruin the beauty of the face.

• Liquid lipstick as well as makeup is required

Usually all women do lipstick alone and avoid makeup. But this look badly depicts your face. If you are applying liquid lipstick, then it is necessary to do makeup as well. This will double your beauty.


• Liquid lipstick should not be applied excessively

After applying one layer of liquid lipstick, do not apply it over and over again if you feel more like a layer. Like normal lipstick, applying more layers of liquid lipstick reduces your beauty. If you apply only one layer, a good texture will be seen.


• Do not apply to broken lips

Liquid lipstick should not be applied to any torn lips, thus reducing your beauty. If the lips are torn, removing a layer first and applying it on your face will increase your beauty and look attractive.

• Give the required shape first

In the case of some people’s lips are very thin, if you apply lipstick on the lip it spreads around the lip, but if you first apply lipstick with lip liner then the lip will look good.



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