Why are fingers soaked in water? Learn here


In our body there will be many symptoms or movements that we do not know all about. Seeing some symptoms and we are also worried. Today we are going to talk to you about one such feature. What to talk about today is that when the fingers stay in the water for a while, the wrinkles fall off.

Often you have noticed that when you come out of the water, the fingers of your hands or feet shrink. That means they have wrinkles. Have you ever wondered why this happens? However, this does not always happen once in a while. But this effect is only in the fingers for a while. Today we will tell you why this happens in the fingers. Not everyone knows the reason for this. If there is too much hand in the water, our fingers become wrinkled like this. The cause of hand wrinkles is the autonomous nervous system.

This happens because of vasoconstriction when we are in the water for longer. It is in this that the mass of water moves from place to place. And that’s when the wrinkles fall in our fingers. And we get worried about why this might have happened.

Most people take this and worry about it. They feel that this will be an illness or it may be because of weakness. But if this happens now, don’t worry at all. Because when the wrinkles fall in the fingers it is a good sign. By this we find that the autonomous nervous system in our body is functioning properly. No need to worry about it.


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