If you have vomiting or headache while traveling, take this home remedy


Many people often complain of headaches, vomiting, or stomach upset during travel. Because of this, their travels are always bad and they cannot enjoy the journey.

This causes more fatigue and lethargy during travel. But if some simple remedies are taken then this problem can be avoided. Let’s know some simple ways to get rid of all this hassle at such times.

– Ginger is very effective for vomiting. While traveling, place a small piece of ginger in           the mouth and chew. You can also eat toffee made with ginger. Even if you drink ginger       tea, vomiting will not happen during the journey.

–  Basil leaves will also help you with this. Toss the basil pan before embarking on the             touring. Keep chewing it along the way, will find rest.

–   In addition, put lemon, mint juice and zest in a bottle and keep it with you for a while.        This will also protect against vomiting.

–  Onion juice also benefits. One teaspoon of onion juice add one teaspoon of ginger juice       and it provides relief. Drink this juice an hour before leaving home will benefit.

–  Boil the dried pan of mint in warm water. Mix one teaspoon of honey and drink it like           tea. Drink one hour before leaving home. Do not vomit along the way.

– Remember that whenever you go out on a trip, do not eat any kind of heavy food. Avoid    eating spicy foods.



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