Knowing which mask to use to prevent corona virus, the right way to use a mask


Let us tell you that many countries in the world today are suffering from the deadly corona virus originating from China. More than 3100 people have died due to this, while more than 91 thousand are infected in more than 75 thousand countries. India too is in the grip of the virus and there is an atmosphere of fear about it. However, instead of fearing the disease, we need to be saved. A mask should be used to prevent corona infections. In such cases, it is also important to know what type of mask can protect you from corona infection.

Disposable Masks

Disposable masks are also known as surgical masks. This mask is used by doctors and staff around the hospital. This mask protects both the doctor and the patient from infection. However, the life of this mask is only 3 to 8 hours and this mask is also not effective in preventing corona virus.

N 95 Respirator Mask

This mask is very effective in preventing the epidemic of viruses like Corona, H1 W1 and SARS. This mask prevents bacterial infection from the inside out. Use of the N95 respirator as a protection against corona virus has been considered to be more effective, as this mask fits well and filters out small particles. The N 95 mask blocks 95 percent of the small particles in the air. However, the respirator mask also has 3 disposable varieties :

FFP 1 Mask: This mask is suitable for use in homes only. Filtration is 80 percent and leakage is 20 percent.

FFP 2 Mask: The quality of this mask is slightly better than FFP 1. Filtration is 94 percent and leakage up to 8 percent. This mask is currently used to remove corona virus.

FFP 3 Mask: This is the best quality of the mask. Filtration is 99 percent and leakage is about 2 percent. The mask is being sought in foreign countries to protect against corona, SARS, and other deadly viruses.

Use caution in wearing

– Wash hands thoroughly with alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap before taking a mask in your hand.
– Cover your mouth and nose with a mask and make sure there are no gaps.
– Do not touch the hand after wearing the mask, wipe the hand if you want to touch it for some reason.


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