Even if you want to maintain a figure after marriage, these tips will help you


Most women are found to be gaining weight after marriage. In addition, pregnancy can also be a cause, if you do not take care of your figure, you may be at risk of illness. But if you look after these little things after marriage, you can keep your figure fit and slim.

After marriage, when women suddenly gain weight they become annoyed. It becomes a problem for them. Here you have to know that if you do not try to control your weight over time it can really be a problem for you. The cause of weight gain is a fundamental part of the marriage season, which is something to eat as well as lack of exercise. But if you keep these little things in mind, you’ll be able to keep your figure fit and slim.

Eat timely meals

Due to marriage and then having children, women spend time in family care. They do not have time for themselves. If you want to maintain your figure, it is important to eat something every 2 hours. Eating oily food at lunch is essential to have breakfast and dinner light. Dinner before 8 pm is perfect.

If you’re a working woman, please make a proper rest

The problem of weight gain is more common in women due to lack of proper rest after coming from office. If you rest then you can start the day with good planning. Yoga, exercise and meditation in the morning will keep you healthy. Apart from this, if you move to the office, fat will not bother you.

Do Yoga for at least 15 minutes

After marriage, the life expectancy of women is high. Pre-marital fitness is gradually lost. Which causes weight gain. Health also has an effect on the brain. For this you need to do yoga at least 15 minutes a day. It keeps the mind fresh and you stay fit.

Stay away from Junk food

Junk food worsens fitness the most. Avoid it completely and stay healthy even after marriage. Apart from this, it is necessary to drink more water. It will reduce the weight as well as bring on your face. It also helps in avoiding illnesses.


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