Why is protein necessary for our body?


The main essential element of food is protein. Proteins produce body cells. The production and repair of the body’s cells continues with the presence of protein. Protein contains carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur content. There is a nitrogen-rich substance inside the protein.

Our body can get protein in two ways.

  • An example of vegetarian sources of chickpeas, peas, moongs, lentils, urad, soybean, kidney beans, wheat, corn etc.
  • An example of carnivorous sources of meat, nuts, eggs, milk etc.

All of these get protein from soybean. If the amount of protein increases in the body, it will automatically get out of the stool. Essentially excess protein is harmful to the body. But remember that the right amount of protein for the body is very important. Every person has a gram protein requirement in terms of weight per kilogram.

For Example, If someone weighs 50 kilograms, then it is necessary to take 50 grams of protein regularly. Children need protein protein as they are growing. Protein is also needed in old age because the protein is soon poised. At this time if the intake of proteins in them decreases, they can become victims of many diseases. Similarly, women are more likely to have protein in pregnancy.

At this time, the baby developing a fetus needs protein. Protein deficiency leads to a very distressing condition for mother and pregnant infant. In pregnancy, women should take a high-protein diet. It is also important to take a protein diet even after the baby is born.

The body’s power has decreased after a person’s disease is absent. At such times the protein is needed to provide strength and strength to the body.

This way we can see that protein is an essential element of the meal. It should be done regularly in a reasonable amount of time. Protein powders are available in the market, but naturally obtained as the main source of protein, it is only right for the body.


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