Clean Shave or Beard Look …? Learn what women like more


The trend of beard growing in men is increasing these days. From cricket to Bollywood, every star is seen in Beard Look. So today, good news for men who are fond of shaving.

According to a new research, women are also increasingly attracted to men with beards. Research on this topic has come to this conclusion. However, research has also found that women who do not like men’s beards think.

According to research, some women do not like men’s beards because they feel that they do not like men with beards because of fear of having hair or bacteria in their beard.

The survey was conducted on nearly 1,000 women in the United States, asking some questions about whether they had a beard on their spouse’s face. The study included women aged 18 to 70 years. He was given 30 photographs of the men.

After giving this photo to women, they were asked how much rating should be given out of 100 if they want to decide on long term or short term relationship by looking at these pictures.

The results showed that women rated men as having more beard. While men who were clean shaved were less selective. Researchers say that women are more attracted to the appearance of men with beards. Beards show off their look with a strong look that attracts women.


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