What is Mobile Radiation? How does it affect our health?


Everyone is using mobile today. Mobile has made our lives much easier. With mobile today we can do almost everything. But how good a mobile is is just as dangerous. We talk about the most dangerous mobile radiation or mobile radiation about the harmful effects of overuse of people.

You may not know how harmful mobile radiation can be to your health. Today we will let you know how mobile radiation is affecting us too.

What is Mobile Radiation?
Radiation or radiation is an energy propagating in our atmosphere that moves in the form of waves. You could even call it radio waves. Man did it for his own interest in the creation of these waves. Sunlight also has radiation. But it does not harm us because of the return of ozone to our atmosphere. Also, the TV is done with a remote, mobile phone and X-ray radiation and radiation from the microwave in which you cook. When you do X-rays, the waves leave your bones and cross your body. Exposure to mobile radiation for a long time can adversely affect our body’s cells.

Even radiation is not always dangerous. Radiation therapy is being used to cure a disease like cancer nowadays. It eliminates cancer cells from high voltage rays. Specific observation rate is the amount of mobile radiation that goes into the body when using a mobile phone. Specific aberration rate in India is predetermined according to which the specific aberration rate of each mobile phone should not exceed SAR 1.6 watts per kg. If more than that, it is harmful to our body. SAR is the level that shows the amount of radiation our body can absorb.

You can dial *#07# to find out your mobile’s radiation level, ie specific aberration rate. If the SAR of the phone is higher than 1.6 watts per kg, replace your phone immediately. Friends, you should take care of your health as you use your mobile. If you like this post please share it with each of your friends.


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