This way you can keep track of your children’s health in the winter


When the winter season has begun, it becomes very important for you to take care of your little ones. Because of the common cold, their health worsens. If anything goes wrong, they get cold and cough immediately. Also, children’s skins are very soft compared to older ones. If you ignore it, their skin becomes dry and many other problems arise.

Children’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. It also loses moisture five times as much as in adults. This is why winter care needs to be taken to protect the skin of children from dryness. Pediatricians give tips on how to do children’s skin care during the winter. Children should be provided with limited baths in winter. Bathing removes natural moisture along with dust, dirt from children’s skin. However, taking certain precautions will not cause such problems. Babies should be bathed sooner rather than longer. Can also provide bubble baths for special occasions. Children should be bathed in warm water in winter.

Children should be bathed with a gentle soap filled with balance. So that the baby’s skin is moisturized, if you live in an area with salt water, bathing with plain water can make your baby’s skin rough. In winter, children may have problems such as red rashes, itching on their skin. The use of a heater can also protect the skin of children. This is why children apply gentle baby lotions. To keep the moisture in your baby’s skin, drink a small amount of lukewarm water. Which will nourish the skin.

Do not wear woolen hats as well as other woolen cloths as they are likely to cause problems for children such as tingling, itching, sores, pimples and eczema. Wearing a wool hat makes it rough to rub with the skin on the face. If possible, use natural fabrics instead of synthetics. It will open the baby’s skin to breathe open and not sweat.

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