Take special care in married life, increase love between the two automatically


The promises made at the wedding are of paramount importance. It also promises to always support one another. If marriage mates cooperate with each other in difficult circumstances, then marriage is good.

In order to have a successful marriage, it is important to keep in mind that both husband and wife treat each other as friends.

In marital life, husband and wife will keep the focus of these things strong. Must be careful. Many things that are present in the house become obstacles to your love, so that is true science Is not to say that you will not be in the bedroom electrical appliances such as television, laptop computer, he works ruin that relationship.

Do not place the bed in front of the door but keep it in such a way that you can see outside the door. The husband and wife should not use two mattresses on the bed.

Restraint and contentment are very important in marital life. Often both of them put too much expectation on each other, so that even when the expectation is not met, there are conflicts. It is therefore essential that both work with restraint and satisfaction.

Marriage is a sacred bond. This bond is considered to be the birth of seven births in India. Spouses’ relationships are very special. Which is in the hands of every spouse. In the marriage, minor conflicts are usually taking place. However, small and large conflicts increase the love between spouses.

Do not use torn and old bed sheets, as well as clean and use them every week. Many people decorate photos or images of God in their bedroom. Many people even put pictures of their ancestors in the bedroom. According to real science, such images and idols in the bedroom become a barrier to the love of married life and the gap in the relationship begins to increase. Spouses should keep their beds in the house to the north or northeast, so it is helpful and satisfying to each other in love. If this is not possible then you can keep your bed in the south-west as well.

Happiness is found only in marital life, when trying to keep one another happy rather than keeping oneself happy. For each other’s happiness, a sense of abandonment is very important that if both of them see their happiness, then a married life will never succeed.



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