Do this immediately upon feeling the symptoms of a heart attack


The life of any person is very important and there is nothing special about it. A person gets so busy with his work that he has no idea what’s going on around him. People may be shocked to hear the name of a heart attack but in the beginning you can find a cure if you find a suitable doctor. The main reason why people are terrified of the name of a heart attack is that they have seen so many people around them die for this reason. But the symptoms of a heart attack can save a person’s life.


Make it work by feeling the symptoms of a heart attack

  • Chest pain begins to occur before the onset of a heart attack, and often these pains reach the shoulders and jaws. Apart from this, the back bone also starts to feel a lot of pain in the middle bone and suddenly it becomes dark in front of the eye. There is also the case of a person’s unconsciousness.
  • Even when a person is walking or standing, he may slip down and sweat starts to come out of his body.

  • Calling an ambulance first when the symptom is understood.
  • Sit wherever and whatever position you are in. If you have a seat or seat around you, sit on it and if nothing else, sit on the ground because sitting is a relief. If your clothes are worn tight, loosen them immediately. Open the button above the shirt.
  • Take a deep breath when feeling a heart attack and even count when breathing. The deeper and sooner you breathe, the more oxygen you will get into your lungs.
  • Take 300 mg of aspirin tablet immediately. If a person has had a first heart attack or is suffering from hypertension, they should take two to three aspirin tablets with them. If you do not have an aspirin tablet, seek help from those around you immediately.


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