Do these 5 steps to get your facial, face up


Just do this 5 step facial, If there is a festival or function, women go to the parlor, from threading to facials, but all of this is a lot of time wasted as well as costs a lot of money. And also save you time and expense. Today we will tell you about doing facials at your home that will make your skin go away and even reduce time.

Step-1 :Skin Cleansing

Facial does your job on a clean skin. Then wash the face and apply a wash wash.


Step-2 : Scrub Home Made Face

If you have a lot of blackheads on the nose, steep a handkerchief in warm water before scrubbing and spreading it on your face for a while. This way the scrub will work better.

Step-3 : Toner

Pores that open after steam and scrub need to be closed. So take a good toner and apply it on your face. You can also take rose water or green tea spray if you wish.

Step-4 : Masks
Now use a pack that suits your skin and keep this pack in the face for 15 minutes.

Step-5 : Massage
Circulation increases with massage. For this you can massage the face with olive or almond oil for 5 minutes with a light skin oil.


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