These ten items contain high amounts of protein…. This protein-rich diet is more than meat or eggs….


Today we will talk about the protein-rich foods our bodies need. Protein is one of the elements that make up the body. A healthy human body contains about 62% water, 16% protein, 6% minerals and less than 1% carbohydrates. Contains only a small amount of vitamins and some other substances. All these substances create our healthy body.

Proteins are found in the cells of the hair, muscles, skin, bones, nails and blood in our body. Protein strengthens the muscles of the body as well as is essential for maintaining body balance. Just enough protein is essential for the good health of our body.

People think that egg is the best way for protein. But that’s wrong. Eggs are more protein-rich than foods, and are abundant in protein. So friends today we will tell you about the things that have the most protein.

Soybeans : There are more protein-rich diets than soybean meat and eggs. Aside from protein, soybeans are also rich in vitamin B, complex, vitamin E and minerals. Besides, soybeans are also rich in fiber. 100 grams of soybeans contains about 50 grams of protein.

Cheese : All milk products are very beneficial to health. Which eliminates the calcium deficiency in our body. Cheese is also made from milk and contains protein, carbon and fat. 100 grams of cheese contains about 18 grams of protein.

Mung beans : Mug lentils are the most affordable tool to cure protein deficiency. Because the lentils are full of protein. About 100 grams of mung beans contains 24 grams of protein.

Almonds: Almonds contain a lot of good fats as well as rich protein. 100 grams of almonds contains about 21 grams of protein and almonds are also very useful for the body to grow.

Cashew nuts : Thus cashew nuts have many benefits and are also very useful for weight gain. It is also rich in protein. About 100 grams of cashew nuts have 553 calories, 44 grams of fat and 18 grams of protein.

Milk : Milk not only relieves calcium deficiency, it also strengthens bones and also contains high amounts of protein. About 40 grams of protein is found in one liter of milk.

Sprouted pulses : Sprouted pulses provide us with a lot of protein. One cup of sprouted beans contains 15 grams of protein.

Chestnut :  Chestnut is found in fat but it is rich in protein. About 100 grams of nuts contains 26 grams of protein.

Chickpeas : Chickpeas not only contain protein, they also contain high amounts of fiber. There are many benefits to soaking chickpeas or steaming steam. About 15 grams of protein is found in 100 grams of chickpeas.

Now comes the yogurt. Protein is found in everything made from milk and this is why yogurt is also a very good source of protein. 100 grams of yogurt contains 11 grams of protein.



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