The 5 signs that the body gives up on calcium deficiency, do not overlook it


Calcium deficiency in the body has a bad effect on the bones. Bone weakening fears breaking. If you are deficient in calcium, you should consume calcium foods. People with calcium deficiency indicate their body.

At the lack of calcium, the body gives these 5 signs.

Hair Fall:

The lack of calcium affects the hair even more and the hair begins to wrinkle. Not only that, their shine also disappears. So, if your hair starts to dry completely, you will realize that your body does not have enough calcium.


If you have low calcium, your bones, along with your teeth, have a bad effect. And the teeth become weak. If you have a toothache, you have calcium deficiency. Just as a little boy also has low calcium and his teeth easily break down and feel like coming back.

Pain In The Muscle:

Calcium helps keep muscles in the hands and feet strong. People who have pain and muscle spasm. Those people should get a calcium test.

Pain in joints:

Calcium deficiency has the worst effect on the joints. If you start complaining of joint pain at an early age. So you are deficient in calcium. In addition, due to lack of calcium, the body often complains of pain.

Nails weakened:

Nails require special calcium. And nails do not grow due to lack of calcium. People who have calcium deficiency. Their nails become thinner and break easily.

Consume this diet in calcium deficiency

Consume all the foods you get calcium due to the lack of calcium, such as milk, yogurt, almonds, litchi, walnuts, tea.

After consuming all these items a month, the amount of calcium can be increased. In addition, you can take calcium medication.


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