So many remedies if you have severe ear pain and if you have trouble hearing.


In our time today, there are so many people that we are not completely healthy and because of this bad diet and lifestyle, you have some illness and these people are always upset with each of these problems. You have a deafness from this problem which is very much seen nowadays. And there are several reasons for this deafness problem. Like making a transition and loud noise in your ear and listening to this music, you have to take the wrong drugs and you put a headphone on it. So you may have more problems with this. And today we are going to tell you a few ways for that to happen. So that you can get relief from this pain in your ear.

– Take seven and eight slices of garlic and heat it in this fine oil and fry it till it becomes dark. And drop a drop of this oil. Doing this remedy for 3 consecutive days will relieve the pain you have in your ear.

– One teaspoon of the pomegranate juice of one pomegranate in it, you add 1 gram fine heat to it and if it remains half of this, turn off the heat of the gas. And adding these to one ear on a regular basis eliminates the problem of deafness.

– In the basil pan you mix this fine oil and heat it and after that you cool it down and let it cool. And that will give you relief for this ear pain and this infection in a way.

– Add some of the coriander seeds and heat it up in fine oil. And when it is half of it, you squeeze it and toss it in the ear. And this is also believed to be one of the best and simplest solutions.

– In the milk you add a pinch of asafoetida and mix it exactly. And then add this one to  your ear. Doing so will remove one of your ear aches.

And if you have a lot of pain in the ear and you have difficulty hearing it, then it also removes the deafness.


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