How to register to vote


Election day is November 3 2020

If you are not registered to vote, you are encouraged to verify your registration status, find your polling place, or apply for an absentee vote.

There are several way to check if you’re registered to vote, visit:

If you’re not registered, you can do so here:

Washingtonians can register to vote in the following ways:

Teenagers who are pre-registered can obtain confirmation by mail as soon as they turn 18, meaning that their voter registration is now active.

Social networks are making a blitz of voter registration this week. check it out here

How to track or change your political party preference?

The California Secretary of State encourages Californians to update their voter registration if they have moved, changed their name, or want to alter their political party preferences. This year, voters around the state can track their ballots through California’s official “Where’s My Ballot?” “Tracking service on

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